Water Harvesting and Flood Control Initiatives

At The Generation of Change, we endavour to ensure that we are at the fore front in coming up with initiatives that ensure we harvest as much water as possible during rainy sessions albeat in small ways in Mandera County. During rainy sessions, the county gets high volumes of water which sometimes lead to flooding  and all this water goes to the river which also flood and wash river banks and pieces of lands aroud the rivers. This water finally drains to the ocean and doesnt benefit the residents of Mandera. The GCG thought it prudent to have a clear thematic initiative of coming up with locally led initiatives such as developing small dams and pans and also coming up with flood control intitiatives to reduce these effects 

Peace building and Conflicts Management.

The prevention, management, mitigation and resolution of conflict require a well-coordinated and concerted effort by all actors and stakeholders involved in the conflict. GCG aspires to be a leader of regional peace and prosperity through constant engagement in dialogue efforts, post-conflict reconstruction and trauma healing.

Climate Change adaptation and mitigation

The Generation for Change and Growth, GCG, NGO works in Kenya and Somalia in mobilizing communities, advocating for relevant climate response policy and legal frameworks, capacity building in confronting climate change. In these regions droughts, water scarcity, flooding along river basins during rains, disappearance of animal and plant species, conflicts over diminishing natural resources as well as the lack of appropriate policies at county level remain the main challenges. GCG has planned to confront these challenges using different approaches and a multi-stakeholder approach.

Health, Gender and Community Education

  • Mainstreaming Health campaigns in school and community education
  • Reproductive health and gender rights
  • Policy advocacy in the health sector
  • Initiate orphaned and vulnerable children programs
  • Gender mainstreaming in County, CSOs programs
  • Promoting women rights and political participation
  • Promoting HIV Prevention Attitudes and Care
  • Prevention program with adolescents and young people aged 10-24 years
  • Initiating Community Interventions to support HIV/AIDs Treatment, care and support,
  • Creating demand for HIV prevention and testing among general population especially men and provide HIV/Aids testing and STI treatment packages
  • Empowered communities to take care of OVC;
  • Supporting widowed women and People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs);
  • Supporting the implementation of child welfare services and programmes;
  • Facilitating the development of gender responsive policies and laws;
  • Ensuring gender mainstreaming in all our development operations. 

Human rights and Governance

  • Promote good governance and rule of law;
  • Inform and educate the citizens on electoral and governance systems;
  • Educate the citizens on the new constitutional dispensation (Constitution of Kenya 2010) especially on the Bill of Rights;
  • Partnership building in the human rights sector
  • Promote human rights values and educate citizens on how to report and document human rights violations in the region;
  • Promote involvement of women in governance and political leadership; 
  • Support civil society activism and clamour for constitutional implementation and respect of rule of law. 
  • Enhancing citizen awareness and engagement on access to/administration of
  • Enhanced access to legal aid for the marginalized and vulnerable communities,
  • Improving community justice systems and alternative dispute resolution mechanism and ensure they comply with established human rights standards.

Capacity Building and Institutional Development

  • Ensure implementation of the institutional improvement plan (IIP);
  • Strengthen organisational financial control systems and mechanisms;
  • Strengthen organisational leadership and governance structures through development of effective policies and structures;
  • Develop an organisational framework for peace building, climate change and ENRM for engaging with actors/stakeholders;
  • Reinforce GCG’s sustainability strategy through the development of an effective external relations and communications strategies;
  • Build synergies and stakeholders networking through collaboration, coalition building and advocacy action groups.

Water and Sanitation

  • Rainwater harvesting and rainwater storage
  • Increased water availability, access and utilization for targeted beneficiaries
  • Sustainable utilization of the water resources
  • Sustained safe solid waste management in urban centres
  • Capacity building communities for integrated water resources management, IWRM, for communities and all areas
  • Policy advocacy towards pro-people policies for on water harvesting. Storage, utilization

Food security and livelihoods

  • Networking and partnership towards community livelihood initiatives
  • Diversification of livelihood sources
  • Propagating indigenous and drought resistant crops
  • Initiation of community food banks
  • Enhancing on farm water harvesting and conservation
  • Enhancing soil conservation
  • Tree planting and tree harvesting in forest areas