Climate Change

Northern Kenya is characterized by an arid climate with the main source of livelihood being nomadic animal husbandry. Over the years, climate change has occasioned frequent droughts which in turn has caused natural resources to be scarce. This scarcity has caused conflicts among communities owing to lack of grazing fields and water resources.

At times, the region faces intensive rainfall which usually cause flooding and displacement of people. In addressing the effects that climate change has, Generation for Change and Growth has been carrying out sensitization initiatives to encourage locals to use renewable sources of energy and reduce over-reliance on wood fuel which affects the environment negatively and is also associated with respiratory complications. We have also carried out constructive engagements with region legislators and advised on the need to enact legislative and regulatory frameworks on energy, pollution control and better management of water resources. GCG shall continually pursue comprehensive advocacy campaigns to compel policy makers and public officers on enforcement to enhance sustainable natural resource use. Through Participatory Action Research teams selected out of the community, GCG has been able to identify key challenges, solutions and recommendations that have helped our program teams to develop sustainable and resilient communities against climate change. The program helps communities on how to effectively improve their livelihood and socio-economic conditions; safeguard their resources and promote food security in their communities.