Prevention of Violent Extremism

At Generation for Change and Growth we are a focused and informed voice on peace and stability issues, ensuring that they are better represented locally, nationally and beyond. Over the years, extremists have been spreading their ideology and recruiting young people posing a complex and urgent challenge that cannot be addressed by government alone. There is a responsibility for all sectors and individuals to organize in opposition to extremists.

We focus on 3 thematic areas in our programming on community resilience against violent extremism (CRAP) community engagement and capacity building, research on key trends on CVE in counties and Policy and stakeholders engagement to address policy gaps and tackle violent extremism.

GCG has also been able to hold workshops in schools and mosques where we have been able to educate and give an in-depth view on the effects of terrorism which have occasioned wanton destruction of innocent lives and property. These initiatives and more have been able to make a difference in prevention and counter radicalization by terror groups.

The organization also aims at positively impacting and consolidating peace building efforts by collaborating with other partner organization and stakeholders in a multidimensional and inter-related engagement that will collectively bring about security, political stability and socio-economic development .In efforts to address the causes of violent extremism, the organization has supported young people acquire IT skills to help them earn a decent income through digital work and outsourcing. The organization appeals for financial assistance from well-wishers and partners to assist its Talent Development Centre project as highlighted on our education program.