Governance & Human Rights

Over the years, there has been an increased sense of marginalization and exclusion among communities in northern Kenya. GCG runs this program to enlighten the masses with knowledge and skills for effective public participation on the running of their county affairs.

The Kenyan constitution enshrines human rights and also demands active participation of citizens to achieve accountability and transparency in devolved units. Generation for Change and Growth has been able to engage the government bodies and local police administrators to constructively implement and uphold human rights.

Through this program, local citizens have been able to be empowered to know their basic rights and contribute on matters affecting their community. We believe public participation is crucial for accountability in all levels from county, Sub County to wards. This has been achieved through mobilizing women, youth groups and persons living with disabilities at local levels in holding roundtables to come up with proposals that each group needs addressed. In further accelerating these initiatives, GCG collaboratively works with leaders from these groups in presentation of views to ward representatives, members of parliament and county governors. We believe that democracy and good governance can thrive well through citizen participation and respect for human rights.