Over the last decade the literacy level and school performance in northern Kenya has been ranking lower. Data from government indicates that only one out of three children goes to school while in other parts of the country the enrollment has surpassed 90 percent. According to ministry of education data, more than half a million children in semi-arid areas face uncertain future because they are out of school. The situation is further compounded by a high dropout rate and poor performance which hinders many from joining other institutions of higher learning.

This situation has been bad since it has disposed many young people to crime, drug abuse and radicalization by terrorist organizations. As part of our mandate, Generation for Change and Growth has been continuously lobbying for adequate infrastructure and gender equality in order to accommodate more children and increased enrollment of girls. To overcome financial obstacles that prevent many children from accessing education, GCG has been able to carry out door to door campaigns in remote areas to identify and help children to access bursary through constituency development funds from local authorities. We have also held forums of talking to parents to help them gain new mindsets and benefits of enrolling their daughters to school and supporting dropouts to return to school.

The organization has a long-term project of establishing a Talent Education Centre that will help needy youths acquire practical skills and vocational training that will help them in their future lives. However, this has been hampered by lack of funds. With your help we can be able to make it happen and empower youth who are prone to radicalization access quality education and technical skills that will help them boost their confidence and work more efficient as employees or for self-employment.