Who we are

The Generation for Change and Growth (GCG) is a non-profit development agency headquartered in Nairobi Kenya with field offices in Wajir, Mandera and Isiolo Counties. As an organization operating in the field of conflict prevention, human rights, education, and governance, GCG specifically intervenes through mobilization, advocacy and training activities. Over the years, the organization has been building the capacity of community leaders and residents to resolve conflict and to address the underlying barriers to growth and stability of the region.

Since its founding in the United States, GCG partnered with both local and international initiatives in Kenya and the United States to build the capacity of communities and provide local solutions to the challenges affecting Northern Kenya communities. Over the years, GCG has participated and designed several projects that provided resilience and supported the communities in Northern Kenya to mitigate drought, prevent violent extremism and radicalization. Guided by our belief and policy of implementing practical and cost effective programs, we believe our organization is contributing to the SDG’s and suppressing marginalization and poverty in our communities.

GCG  programs seeks to respond to a regional context that is characterized by; marginalization, extractive economic systems, socio-economic, identity driven exclusion, social protest, demographic pressures of rapidly growing and more youthful populations, and competition over natural resources among communities.

GCG aims to support and advocate for peace building in the North Eastern region of Kenya and neighboring Somali. We believe that building peaceful societies is a central and underappreciated challenge in our region.